Before a tree grows up, it must first grow downward, the downward growth here means the hiding moments of building, it’s that period and time where we stay off the public to build ourselves and our lives in accordance and proportion to our calling as individuals.

The ideology of a plant dying first before germinating and then growing up is a very important concept that needs to be explained appropriately, when the seeds are buried, they decay before coming up with an up shoot,  one ought to stay hidden away from the public and build his or herself, it’s the process of hiding and building that’s called the incubation period, the period takes place rigorously and the result and outcome is splendid and exceptional, why because a lot of building and refining has occurred in the hidden place.

Now in all you do, Naijassador advises that whomever is reading this article  to ensure that you are building the right stuff, not wasting and wasting away time on things that do not matter at all in any way.

Recently I was going through my written goals for the year and I’m happy I’ve taken the first step in actualizing them, I’ve been engaged in a lot of critical thinking, brainstorming, sieving, and thrashing out those unnecessary goals replacing them with a more intentional and mind-blowing one (yes! your goals ought to blow your mind; I will write about that some other day), trust me this process could be overwhelming my headaches

The funny thing is that none of them is completely visible, they are surfacing as dots already but will surface completely in due time (wait for it). In as much as there’s an urgent need for you to carry out your goals, don’t be in a haste to display nonsense, don’t be quick to dish out half-baked bread, don’t be prompted to display an incomplete potential, trust me it pays to work behind the scene.

Most times, one needs to stay often offline and then focus on analyzing, planning, and mapping out things that are necessary for growth, the strategies and skills involved, and also ensuring to gain much clarity before launching out, in all you do, do ensure you’re constantly working on you to be better.

Furthermore, to explain this, while away, you need to brainstorm, analyze, scrutinize, compare, and contrast, and look out for possible future opportunities, challenges, and benefits, I call this the INCUBATION PROCESS! It works wonders.

Talking about the incubation process, what is it? Well, it can be compared with that of a chicken and its layered eggs, before they finally hatch, they are being nurtured and groomed, giving them all the necessary warmth, care, and attention, they need before letting them out to the whole world. This chick didn’t just lay eggs and harsh them immediately, there was an incubation process, and its paramount for spontaneous growth.

Ignore this process and surface wrongly, I promise you, you will be kicked out in no time, it pays to work behind the scenes!

Meanwhile, you don’t necessarily need to analyze completely from A to Z before showing up, you might have no idea how far you will go, you might be aiming for the MOON whereas the STAR will finally be your destination.

Just get a solid base and kick off as more roads and opportunities unfold along the way; yeah, you don’t need to get it perfectly right from the whole ideation stage before launching out, all you need is just a good starting point to launch out and then continually get better along the way.

Now, let me clarify things so as not to contradict all have been saying, comparing the incubation process and the starting; some persons take out time trying to get it perfectly right before starting which at the end of the day, they end up wasting time and yeah, never even get to start at all.

The incubation stage helps with clarity, and understanding of your destination and direction, then getting strategies and plans to actualize them, and not necessarily to get things perfect and all figured out before launching. In simple terms, the incubation process helps with the whole planning and strategizing, and then getting the starting point, and then immediately starting.

Happy New Year, may this year bring to you all that your heart desires, and grant to you the wishes and desires of your heart.

Tarry, carry, and dispense!

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi.


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