The 6-door Mercedes E-Class limo by BINZ will host the classiest carpools ever



If you’re going to ride in a limousine, you might as well aim for the top. That’s the whole idea, right?

German coachbuilder BINZ has just updated its 6-door Mercedes E-Class limousine to reflect the big Merc’s 2014 facelift. Stretched by almost 44 inches and its door count increased by two, the executive people-carrier will undoubtedly stand out even in the busiest of airport terminals.

BINZ’s big limo is offered with four engines that produce up to 408 horsepower and can seat eight people. According to Auto Week, buyers can choose between single seat and bench seat configurations, as the German firm grants its customers the choice to customize the layout of their car.
The large E-Class can be fitted with additional center consoles, beverage chillers, multi-zone climate control systems, and headrest-mounted monitors, but it doesn’t weigh as much as you’d think. Thanks to the use of fiber-reinforced composite materials, the 6-door only weighs 551 pounds more than the standard E-Class.

BINZ has also facelifted its ‘Xtend’ limo, which takes the E-Class wagon and stretches it to hearse length. The Xtend’s massive cargo capacity can be configured based on customer request, and the car features sporty Recaro racing seats.

The company’s Business Limousine has gained similar enhancements to the 6-door, but in a shorter four-door forma.

BINZ 6-door E-Class Limousine

BINZ 6-door E-Class Limousine

BINZ 6-door E-Class Limousine


Also under the German coachbuilder’s banner are the G-XL and G-XXL security cars, which are G-Class conversions akin to the armored G63 by Inkas.

Depending on the package, the SUV will feature ram-resistant body panels, an LED flash system, tactically minded rotating seats, and sliding armored doors.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of a North American distributor, BINZ vehicles are unfortunately not available in the U.S.

Oh well. I guess Town Cars are nice too.

Source: Digital Trend


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