Terry G Calls Out Timaya Over Alleged Unpaid Royalties


Nigerian singer, Terry G, popularly known as the “Akpako Master,” has publicly accused his colleague, Timaya, of failing to pay him his due royalties for a song he produced. This accusation comes amidst a growing trend of artists in the Nigerian music industry speaking out about unfair treatment and financial exploitation

Taking to his Instagram page, the singer expressed his frustration and hinted at a larger issue within the industry. He stated, “Looking at all the podcasts and artists speaking up, the day I go talk on my own, the table will be used for firewood.” He further clarified his claim by demanding his “50% producer publishing royalties from Timaya and others.”

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Terry G’s statement goes beyond the specific accusation against Timaya. As reported by Naijassador, he suggests that he has been “used and dumped” by other artists and producers, serving as an example of how “greatness” is exploited in the industry. He urges fellow producers to learn from his experience and fight for their rightful dues.

While Timaya has not yet responded publicly to the accusation, Terry G’s statement has sparked discussions online. Many fans have expressed their support for the singer, urging him to take legal action if necessary. Others have called for more transparency and accountability within the Nigerian music industry, highlighting the need for fair contracts and proper compensation for artists and producers.

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This incident highlights the ongoing struggles faced by many creatives in the Nigerian music industry. Terry G’s public accusation serves as a reminder of the importance of fair treatment and transparency in artist-producer relationships. As the conversation around royalties and financial exploitation continues, it remains to be seen how this specific case will unfold and what impact it will have on the industry as a whole.


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