Sylvester Madu Breaks Silence After A Video Of Him Selling ‘Okrika’ Emerged (Video)


Sylvester Madu, the popular Nollywood actor, has broken his silence after a video of him recently made the rounds on the internet.

The thespian recently trended on social media after a video of him selling second-hand items, popularly known as Okrika, at a market in Enugu was shared online.

It appeared Madu had no idea he was being filmed by the individual who posted the clip on social media.

The video quickly went viral after it was shared, sparking a barrage of reactions from fans who expressed concern for the actor.

However, some people didn’t see anything wrong in the video as they opined that there was nothing wrong with the actor having a legitimate side hustle alongside his acting career.

Reacting, Sylvester, during a live session on social media, lambasted those mocking him. According to him, they were hoping to taunt him, but it did not work.

He added that people should appreciate it when they see others hustling instead of trolling on social media.

“You stay on your keypad writing rubbish, they are just crazy. Bad market has caught them. That thing they think would be news, let me make it news by myself, very foolish people. A person is doing his hustle, instead of appreciating it, you begin to write nonsense.” He said.

An unbothered Madu went on to show off other items such as furniture, generators, laptops, shoes, bags, and clothes that were on sale.

“Let me go around, this is my business empire. Take a look, we have many things we sell. This is a big combined business, see all the stuff we have, it’s plenty. We have laptops, we have generators.” He said.

Watch videos below:


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