Have you ever wanted to go to Europe and see what their hotel is like? Well, if yes you can now, without even leaving the country.

SV Chrome is a 4-star hotel in Abuja, it’s well known for being a good meet-up spot and also having a European style of design and services.

SV Chrome brings a European style of everything to their hotel, making it very unique and desirable in Abuja.

According to the company’s Official LinkedIn page, SV Chrome was founded in 2016 and was conceptualized and designed by the Spanish company

The architectural design of SV Chrome Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, is characterized by its unique and carefully crafted elements.

As a boutique hotel, it aims to offer a more personalized and intimate experience for guests, which is often reflected in the architectural design through attention to detail, unique aesthetics, and a distinct ambiance.

The hotel designed by Spanish Architectures has contributed to the uniqueness of SV Chrome. They brought an experience from another continent to Nigeria, as Didi Marc said in a review “The hotel has a lot going for it in terms of its beautiful ambiance.”.

SV Chrome Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, offers a unique dining experience for guests, with a focus on traditional Nigerian dishes and Continental dishes with a touch of Spain.

The hotel’s restaurant is known for its high-quality cuisine, which is prepared by experienced chefs using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The menu features a range of dishes, including soups, stews, rice dishes, and grilled meats, as well as vegetarian options.

The restaurant’s ambiance is also noteworthy, with a stylish and upscale decor that complements the hotel’s overall aesthetic. Guests can enjoy their meals in a relaxed and comfortable setting, with attentive service from the hotel’s staff.

SV Chrome serves not only continental dishes but also Indian and European dishes as well. Their menu provides various kinds of dishes from around the world with talented chefs, making a memorable meal and dining experience.

The cuisine at SV Chrome Hotel is a standout feature, providing guests with a unique and memorable dining experience that reflects the local culture and flavors of Nigeria, as well as the hotel’s Spanish influence.

SV Chrome Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for its guests. Some of the main amenities provided by the hotel include:

  1. Accommodations: The hotel offers a variety of room options, including 6 Suites, 6 Deluxe Rooms, and 33 Classic Rooms, all equipped with ensuite ultra-modern bathroom settings, walk-in showers, and bathroom amenities.
  2. Dining: Guests can enjoy meals at the on-site restaurant and bar/lounge, which offers a diverse culinary experience, including traditional Nigerian dishes and Continental cuisine with a touch of Spain.

iii. Leisure and Recreation: The hotel provides access to outdoor pool facilities, a 24-hour fitness center, and a sauna, allowing guests to relax and stay active during their stay.

  1. Convenience: Other amenities include daily housekeeping, room service, a coffee shop/cafe, and breakfast availability, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and hassle-free experience during their stay.
  2. 24/7 WIFI: SV Chrome offers 24/7 internet connection. This its aids in making those who book this hotel more convenient and will likely give them a reason to return in the future. Some businesses may overlook the importance of providing internet connection for their users, but SV Chrome goes the extra mile to not only add fully functioning internet but also make it available 24/7.

These amenities reflect the hotel’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for its guests, combining relaxation, leisure, and convenience.

SV Chrome Hotel is located in Abuja, Nigeria, at 101A Ebitu Ukiwe Street, in the “Lush Green” neighborhood of Jabi, close to Jabi Lake Mall and Chidda Junction. The hotel’s strategic location makes it an ideal meeting spot that combines relaxation and business opportunities. Some key aspects of the hotel’s location include:

  1. Proximity to Attractions: SV Chrome is 4.9 miles away from Magic Land Abuja, a popular entertainment destination in the city.
  2. Nearby Shopping and Dining: The hotel is situated next to Jabi Lake Mall, offering guests easy access to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

iii. Accessibility: SV Chrome is located in a convenient area, close to Chidda Junction, making it easily accessible for travelers and business professionals.

  1. Surrounding Area: The hotel is part of a hospitality development in Jabi, Federal Capital Territory, and is developed by a private individual.

The location of SV Chrome Hotel in Abuja is carefully chosen to provide guests with a comfortable and convenient stay, offering easy access to both leisure and business destinations in the city.

Thus, the location was carefully chosen because not only is it located in Abuja but also in the ‘Lush Green’ neighborhood of Jabi. This location has on its own attracted the wealthy class if people in Abuja. Making it one suggested for one of the best meet-up spots in the area.

Another key points many miss when talking about this fine hotel is how keen their customer service is. The image below shows how responsive this 4-star hotel is, not only do they offer exceptional service from room service to dining experience but they even very responsive customer service as well.

SV in just 7 years have been about to stand out from the crowd of hotels and distinguish themselves and become one of the best in their industry. This shows what dedication, consistency, and focus over time can accomplish.

Written by Steve Sinclair


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