Sudanese Refugee Stabs French Immigration Officer To Death (Read Full Details)


A Sudanese refugee stabbed an immigration officer to death in southern France after learning his asylum request had been rejected.

Cyril Pierreval, a 46-year-old father of one, was killed on Friday by a 38-year-old Sudanese knifeman who faced deportation.

The migrant attacked the head of the refugee welcome centre in the city of Pau around 11am, local media reported.

The officer, a father-of-one, was found in his office with multiple stab wounds to his chest and died a short time later.

Police told BMFTV that the migrant was known to them for acts of violence, and had been jailed twice in 2017 for armed assault.

The killer – who has not been named – was among a large group of men displaced from Calais over the past five years, where they had hoped to get across the Channel to the UK.

They were instead taken by bus to the Isard Welcome Centre, in the South West city of Pau, some 650 miles away, where they were given the chance to claim asylum in France.

‘It was one of these men who killed Cyril, who was in charge of the centre’ said an investigating source.


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