Student Loan, The Wait Keeps Getting Longer


Getting a good education now in Nigeria is on the expensive side, as completing a university education is now a luxury. Most Nigerian parents believe in the efficacy of a good education, but what happens when parents cannot afford to give their children a good education? Then they turn to the government for help. What happens when the government refuses or delays helping? A lot of dreams are shattered. Such is the case for some Nigerian students today.

A lot of Nigerian students have applied for loans to help with their financial needs. But the government has not only failed them but also rendered them stranded. Promises keep being made but actions are not made to actualise those promises. Disappointment has continued to spread like wildfire amongst students over the delayed launch of the promised student loan program.

Students have dropped out of school because of the increase in education and the ability to not provide enough to receive the supposed education. The wait has become worse because it has made a lot of Nigerian youths frustrated, angry and depressed.

Waiting for a student loan approval is a mix of emotions. Here are some reactions students commonly experience:

  1. Anxiety: Waiting for something that is needed urgently but doesn’t look like it’s forthcoming gives birth to anxiety, and the slow pace of the government makes it worse.
  2. Excitement: Students may feel excited about the potential financial support that will enable them to pursue their education, which makes the situation worse when the loan isn’t approved.
  3. Impatience: Waiting can be tough, and students feel impatient for the approval to come through.
  4. Hopefulness: There is often a sense of hope that the loan will be approved, providing the necessary funds for education. But hope becomes dashed when the loan ‘s approval takes a longer time than is necessary.
  5. Stress: The financial aspect of education can be stressful, and waiting for loan approval can add to that stress.
  6. Optimism: Many students remain optimistic and believe that their loan will be approved, allowing them to continue their studies.
  7. Uncertainty: Uncertainty always brings anxiousness. During the waiting period, students feel uncertain about their financial situation and how it will impact their education.
  8. Relief: Once the loan is approved, students may experience a sense of relief, knowing that their financial needs will be met.
  9. Frustration: If the approval process takes longer than expected, students may feel frustrated with the delay and the impact it has on their plans.
  10. Determination: Despite the challenges, students often demonstrate a determination to overcome obstacles and pursue their education.

Remember, the waiting period can be tough, but it’s important to stay positive and explore alternative options if need be.


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