Stop Using So Much Filter On Your Photos” – Ruth Kadiri Advices Potential Actors/Actresses


Popular actress, Ruth Kadiri in a recent social media update, graciously advised budding actors and actresses to refrain from using too much filters.

On her Instagram story, she emphasised the necessity of displaying their true selves on their social media accounts, stating that using filters may limit future partnerships with producers and directors.

According to Kadiri, producers frequently have a specific visual depiction in mind, and if an actor’s page is flooded with filters, it can be disheartening for industry professionals looking for a genuine match for their vision.

The actress further urged them to embrace their true selves, as the nature of acting exposes individuals without makeup and filters.

”If you’re an aspiring actor, or actress I beg you do not use so much filter on your video, don’t use Ai photos as your profile picture, don’t use so much filter as your dp picture because literally there’s no patience from a lot of casting directors they just want to click on your page and see most times when we click on your page all we are seeing are filter and filter we would feel discouraged, you’re going to be on Tv/screen so Get comfortable with that skin, get comfortable in being how you are naturally because that’s the tool you’re gonna use anyway, you’re not going to use filter on Tv, Love yourself that’s the most important thing” she said.


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