SPORTS: Pinnick mulls running for third term as NFF President


Two-time President, Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick, has said he is not seeking re-election amid talks of him seeking a third term in office.

He, however, stated that he will decide on that and make his mind known this week ahead of the NFF elections in September.

Pinnicl had last week been quoted as saying he had received calls from “very influential Nigerians” to seek re-election.

“I had initially decided not to vie, but I have been receiving several calls from very influential Nigerians as well as genuine lovers of the sport urging me to seek another term. It is within the law and I will decide about it when the right time comes,” Pinnick was quoted as saying.

“I’m yet to talk to my family and my business associates though, but there are people who want me to continue,” Pinnick added.

He also confided in The PUNCH that he was under pressure to contest in the coming election.

“I’m not going to grant any interviews in Nigeria. The interview I granted was in Kenya and does not mean I have agreed or I will agree to contest for the third term or not. I said this in Kenya and I’m not going to grant any interview in Nigeria,” Pinnick told The PUNCH.

“A lot of Nigerians in Kenya want me to contest, but it does not mean I have accepted. I have not said that I’m going to contest, but I must respect the fact that many meaningful Nigerians want me to continue.

“I’m going to grant an interview this week, but at the moment, my position stands. Amaju Pinnick is not contesting for a third term election,” Pinnick said.

His current posture is contrary to what he said in April after the Super Eagles failed to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“Some people say, ‘oh, take responsibility and resign.’ I’m a soldier, I’ll stay till the end of my tenure.

“I’m eligible to run (for a third term) based on the status. Do I want to run? It’s a no no, my family is very key to me, they said it’s taking its toll on me and the family. They believe that I’ve done my best and it’s time to move on. It’s a regrettable decision, but it’s the best,” Pinnick told Arise TV.


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