Social Democratic Party, Nigeria’s Third Force: All Motion but No Movement.


In a recent interview, the National Publicity Secretary of the Social Democratic Party, Mr Alfa Mohammed, claims that about 3 PDP, 2 APC governors, and 35 senators are about to join them in a bid to wrestle power from the APC and form the majority in the national assembly.

While it is great to assume that there will now be a serious third party to challenge the APC and PDP, knowing we already had the likes of ANPP, APGA, AD etc, the motive and seriousness of mind are very suspect.

Nigerians are no longer easily swayed by ‘mega-parties’. The decamping of politicians from one party to another when they are no longer in favor of the powers that be in such parties (also known as Jumpology) is no longer attractive.

This is exactly what the APC used in the 2015 elections and what are the assurances that SDP is not just another opportunistic set of politicians looking for their next daily bread?

It is high time Nigerians learned to develop leaders from the scratch and make true the phrase ‘Youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ rather than allow age-old politicians dictate to them.

SDP is just another motion with no movement but we stand to be corrected. 

Nice weekend.

Read interview here



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