Simplicity is the state of being simple; period.

Being simple in its terms is not being too harsh about life and the way you treat and handle situations, people, and things. It goes a long way in trying to simplify the ambiguity and then trying to make every complex situation.

The benefit of being simple is an easy and good-going life with so much ease and without stress, pressure, or worries.

Those who found it to be simpler than to live a happier and more fulfilled life, worry less and are always on the go doing that which they love and admire.

Simplicity saves a lot of drama and therefore promotes longevity and good living.

Well, in as much as everyone has the free will to live life the way they so want and desire, it’s paramount to know the benefits of actually choosing to live a simple life, some of which include:

-A longer lifespan

  • A healthier and more peaceful life

You don’t show off and don’t try to impress anyone, just trying to live life to the fullest, living up to your highest potential, talents, and giftings.

How would you describe a billionaire who chooses to wear the same wear consistently, well maybe the same wear in size and color but another, it is called simplicity. In as much as some people would love to dress loudly and show off, some people might just choose and decide to stay low-key.

Let’s quickly do a little numerical and alphabetical calculation…


1+1= 2







2X (4√16)-112=16X

Solve for X


Hello, pens up!

Which do you think is easier and simpler? You will echo the first set of Cal. right.

What about the second… Give it a trial. What follows suit I guess will be grumbling and hateful speeches; “Maths is hard”, ” This teacher is wicked”, “may all not go well with this question ” …

Believe me when I say math is the simplest of all subjects, and believe me even more when I say LIFE IS SIMPLE.

Unfortunately, many individuals have made life complicated for themselves, while some others have made it as easy as 1+1, how? Their MINDSET.

Your mindset determines your life view, either hard or simple, bad or good.

Often life throws stones of challenges, trials, and tribulations at us, instead of building an empire with them we heap and carry them as loads that often overwhelm us (I guess you should read that again). To say this in another way, when life throws stones at you, use them to build a castle, and when it throws lemons at you, use them to make lemonade, whichever way just know how to turn ugly situations into good ones, and the ability to be able to adapt in any environment no matter how nonconductive or unpleasant it is, will help you a great deal.

Both calculations above are very simple just that the second takes time…

Your friend has a Benz today doesn’t mean you won’t have yours tomorrow.

Your colleagues’ duplexes; don’t mean you won’t have yours either. It’s a turn-by-turn something, it will reach everyone, provided we keep pressing nonstop and relentlessly, and in due time all will go well.

Life is simple, take it as such and do the needful Then, should it go well with you, God will make everything beautiful in his own time

The whole idea of a simple life is so that people find peace within themselves thereby being responsible citizens and individuals in the society, breeding and birthing forth honorable seeds in the society as well.

Here are some tips to help you live a peaceful, simple, and non-distorted life in good health and well-being:

  • Work on your mindset

Your environment can go a long way to shape your mind and way of thinking, if the environment is negative, it will affect the way you think, if it’s not conducive and polluted, it can distort your way of reasoning as well. For a better, simpler, and healthier life, it’s important to work on your mindset.

  • Choose your company wisely and smartly

Your friends, and associates can go a long way in shaping your way of view of life, that’s why it is important to choose your circle of friends, choose those who will promote you and not intimidate you, choose those who will encourage you and not frustrate you, those who will lift you up and not bring you down.

  • Lastly, always say positive affirmations.

I’m blessed; I’m rich; I’m prosperous; I’ve succeeded, I’ve triumphed…

These are the kinds of words and statements that should come out of your mouth when you say them, they become realities in your life.

Keep winning

And yeah, you can choose to stay simple too.


Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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