Friday, January 27, 2023

She’s only with him for money” – Grace Makun reveals how people berated her marriage to Yomi Casual

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Grace Makun, wife of celebrity fashion designer, Yomi Casual, has revealed the uncouth things people said about her marriage. She stated that people claimed she married her husband because of his money.

Grace in a post on her insta story stated that when she and Yomi started dating in 2010, many people advised her to leave the relationship because they claimed that he is ugly and doesn't have money.

She however did not listen to people's advice, as she and Yomi got married in 2007 and her husband is now successful.

Ironically the same people who said her husband is ugly and doesn't have money when they were dating, are the ones now berating her that she married Yomi Casual because of his money.

She added that these same people who were against their marriage from the outset are now the ones calling her a gold digger.

In Grace Makun's words,

“You 2010; what did this girl even see in this guy, he doesn’t have money, he is ugly, bla bla
you 2023; look at her, she is there for the money, she is a gold digger, oh look this guy is too cute abeg! A speck
Me; •
LMAO 🤣”.

Grace and Yomi Casual dated for seven years and got married in October 2017. Their marriage have produced two children.

See below,

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