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Senator Dino Melaye and his lopsided argument for the Peace Corps of Nigeria. 

Senator Dino Melaye and his lopsided argument for the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

There was a trending video on social media of Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi state, talking about the rejected Peace corps bill by the President and the urgent need for the house to override the decision of the President.

The distinguished senator gave reasons for his support of the bill to include employment for the youth by the FG, protection of Nigerians and that the excuse of non-availability of funds by the FG is null and void as this was the same excuse given before the establishment of the NSCDC.

The real question is: How do these guys think? Also, permit me to ask of what benefit the Peace Corps will be to Nigeria given all the other security agencies available?

Is Dino simply playing to the gallery in the name of canvassing for employment for Nigerian youths or is he just exposing himself as one who really does not know his onions?

If all the Senators and members of the House of Representatives can release all the men of the Nigerian Police force to Nigerians, I think we will have more people protecting us rather than go on to form another security organization whose members will continue to be available to the highest bidders.

Also, given the latest revelation of the N13m that rolls into the accounts of the Senators, it is obvious these guys are part of the problems we face than solutions.

Peace Corps bill should be buried.

I rest my case.

See video here

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