The Ronaldo vs Messi Debate……..How necessary is it?




The other day I was hanging out with some friends and talking loosely. We spoke about anything and everything and then went into football. Then the argument I have always hated came up, again! Who is better between Ronaldo and Messi?

 Now as far as I am concerned, your choice will always be whose fan you are. One of my reasons for never liking this argument is because it is usually based on emotions. Now lets me establish here that both players have set the football world ablaze. They have shared the Fifa Ballon d ‘Or award equally between themselves in the last ten years. That is amazing.

They have set, broken and reset records for themselves. While Messi is a naturally gifted and talented footballer, Ronaldo is equally talented but a very good example of ‘you can achieve anything you set your mind to’.  They score hattricks like it is going out of fashion.

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While the fans of Ronaldo have challenged Messi to go to another club and see how easy it will be since Ronaldo won his first Fifa award with Manchester United, fans of Messi have challenged Ronaldo to play more for the team, not just waiting to be served with the ball and see how easy it will be to still be recording high goals tally.

This argument, in my opinion, can never be won. Between Ronaldo and Messi, the better on is whose fan you are.


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