Romantic Venues For Dinner Dates In Nigeria


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Are you a hopeless romantic who wants to make your special one or significant other feel loved? Then you’re in the right place. Here are a few places as suggested by Naijassador to do just the trick.

Sky Restaurant and Lounge in Lagos:

One of the beauties of this restaurant is that it has a rooftop, which is one of the most romantic spots to be. It not only brings you and your partner face to face without anyone else interrupting, you also do it stargazing. Isn’t that beautiful? Okay, picture this.

You and your partner are sitting on the rooftop having a candlelight dinner, stargazing, while soft love songs play in the background. How romantic? Beautiful isn’t it? That’s not all, this restaurant also provides a breathtaking panoramic city view, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner.

Nkoyo Restaurant and Bar in Abuja

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This restaurant also provides a rooftop with a cosy and intimate atmosphere, with a menu that features a variety of cuisines. This restaurant is worth a trial.

The Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos

This restaurant is for the food lovers. The foodies. This restaurant offers a lot of Nigerian and international cuisines on its menu. So, it’s a win-win, you give your significant other a romantic dinner with a menu filled with the food they love while saying sweet nothings to each other.

La Taverna Restaurant

Are you looking for an Italian restaurant in Nigeria? Then search no more. This restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean dishes, you not only get to give your Italian food-loving partner a treat. You also do it with a little touch of love and romance. It’s like giving your partner an abroad treatment in Nigeria. It has got branches in Lagos and Abuja.

Cut Steakhouse

If you’ve tried a lot of restaurants and you’re looking for something fresh. Then Cut Steakhouse restaurant is worth a try. They serve the best quality steaks with a luxurious and intimate setting that screams romance. This makes it an excellent choice for a special dinner date.

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Blu Cabana Restaurant

Okay, indoor restaurants are good for romantic dinner dates but outdoor restaurants just hit differently. Outdoor restaurants give this rare type of romantic feeling.

Blu Cabana restaurant offers a beautiful outdoor dining experience with a serene ambience and a menu that has a mixture of continental and Nigerian dishes perfect for a romantic evening under the stars. You’ve just got to love love.

Obudu Mountain Resort:

This restaurant is for nature-loving couples. Close to this restaurant are beautiful mountain resorts, offering stunning views, lush greenery, and a cool, refreshing climate, making it a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

Tarkwa Bay Beach:

From loving on a boat to a romantic venue for dinner. This Beach offers both. Yes, it’s very hectic in Lagos, and going to a beach to have a romantic dinner and relax is just a vibe. The love of a boat comes from the fact that the beach is accessible only by boat from Lagos. This secluded beach is perfect for a romantic and private date, with its tranquil waters and golden sand, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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These are just a few of the many romantic places in Nigeria where couples can enjoy a memorable and special date. Each location offers its unique charm and beauty, making it easy to find the perfect spot for a romantic outing.

Remember, these are just a few options, and there are many other wonderful places to explore in Nigeria for a romantic dinner date. Enjoy your time together!

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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