Rita Dominic Reflects On Nollywood’s Evolution


Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic recently shed light on the humble beginnings of her acting career, revealing in an interview with Joy 99.7 FM, Ghana, that her first movie role only paid N10,000. Her honesty highlights the significant transformation Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, has undergone. Back then, according to Dominic, passion ruled supreme over financial gain. “There was no money in Nollywood back then,” she said, emphasizing the driving force was “the love for the art.”

Despite the meager paycheck, she persevered.  She credits this early period, filled with challenges, for fueling the industry’s growth. “We just kept doing it until the industry got bigger and bigger,” she shared.

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Today, Nollywood is a booming multinational film industry, churning out movies that entertain millions globally. Actors like Dominic are now reaping the rewards of their dedication and the industry’s flourishing state.

While discussing her lowest-ever payout, the actress clarified according to Naijassador, that she wasn’t initially paid the full N35,000 agreed upon for her first role.  She jokingly recounted how she only received N10,000 after the filmmaker delayed payment for months.

This anecdote underscores the financial struggles faced by early Nollywood actors.  Their passion and perseverance, however, paved the way for a thriving industry that is now a major contributor to the Nigerian economy. Rita Dominic’s story is a testament to Nollywood’s remarkable journey and serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors today.


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