Riot Breaks Out in Lekki as Bus Drivers, Others Clash with “Okada” Riders


There was pandemonium at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos yesterday morning, as a riot broke out in which bus drivers, some other unidentified parties, and “Okada” (commercial motorcycle riders) clashed, leaving many people injured. reports that rioters were armed with machetes and other weapons. They blocked the entrance to the estate, resulting in heavy traffic along Lekki expressaway.

Speaking on the incident, an eyewitness told reporters that:

“It all started yesterday when the Hausa okada riders attacked the bus (Lekki Estate Shuttle) drivers, they shattered the windows of the buses and injured a few bus drivers. This morning, the drivers with the help of some men caught some of these okada riders and beat them to a pulp”.

According to reports, most of the bus drivers are Yoruba, while most of the okada riders are Hausa.

Here is a brief footage of the scene as reported by

A Lekki resident tweeted about the incident while it was ongoing:

Lekki Resident

Photo/Video Credit:


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