Funmi Adeboye



Please introduce yourself?

My name is Funmi Adeboye popularly called Remzo by friends and family, a nickname from back in my secondary school days. I was a Banker from my NYSC days in 2002 till 2012 when I decided to focus more on my family and other passions. I am proudly a handmade body soap maker and Beaded Jewelry Creator.

Why did you leave Banking for entrepreneurship?

Well, it was a decision I made to ensure the best for my 2 growing boys. The demands on my time from the job caused me to have no time for my family. It involved long hours and quite a number of times I still had to be at work during the weekends. The demands were just too much. In as much as I loved my job and the adrenaline I got from even the challenges, the tough decision to put all that same passion into my home had to be made.

What are the profound lesson you have learnt in business?

Hmmmnhhh !!! A lot, being an Entrepreneur is quite’s totally different from being in paid employment. When I started I lost quite a  chunk of money in the business I was initially into (sales of imported household items and provisions). I wasn’t business savvy and had bad accounting skills. So I had to take a break from that and even go back to d drawing board. I read a lot, developed myself and got ready for the business world. As an entrepreneur you need to have a business plan, good inventory & record keeping, plan ahead and just believe.

How did you make the transition from banking to entrepreneurship?

I started by easing myself into things I had never done before. I did some studies and went for entrepreneurial classes. I had a business plan, got some basic worksheet, mobile apps that would help me be prepared.

What is that unique thing about you in business?

I make handmade soaps, but they are edible looking soaps. I get inspiration from food.

Tell us about Remzo Creations.

Remzo Creations was birthed at CAC in 2016 when I decided to have a brand that reflected me entirely and that everybody could immediately see as being me. I’m quite creative and I love to stand out in a  good way. I, therefore, decided to register the company and I’ve  not looked back since then.

Remzo creation is focused on creating a luxurious bath experience for everybody with the use of our handmade soaps. Handmade soaps are real soaps that contain glycerine as a by-product. They are made from natural oils and butters with additives that are of benefit to the skin.

What personal qualities have helped you to stand out?

Persistence and being dogged in creating a  niche for myself in a market that is new and fairly saturated..

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

Food, especially cakes. I am a ‘foodie’.. so I look to that for my recipes and design. Any herb or food that has  good nutritional value will also be of benefit to the skin.


Do you have a mentor and why did you choose the person?

My mentor is my Pastors wife in RCCG, Pst Nike Owolabi. She taught me to follow my passions whilst putting God first and to have absolute Faith no matter what I’m seeing or what things look like; that he would simply make a way no matter what. Secondly, my husband who urges me to do more and to always improve on any latest accomplishment. Thirdly, my brother Ahyor, who guides me in the business side of how to keep afloat, profitable, organized and not sink.

What is your signature product and why is it?

Currently, it is our ‘Chunky Soap’ it is a best seller amongst a wide age range and even the teens. It is great for those with oily face and helps reduce the appearance of spots and pimples. We have a  new product getting great raves also its called Remzo’s ABS Soufflé.

What lessons have you learnt in business?

Be deliberate and intentional with whatever you are set to achieve. Just believe, and know that your success starts from on the inside of yourself.

How do you unwind?

I love to sleep and watch my series on DSTV. I also enjoy going to the gym and timeout with friends.

What advice can you give to young people and women as regards business?

Be deliberate and follow your passion with vigour. Also stay away from ‘Naysayers’… don’t  listen to them. Believe in the power of what you have and keep at it.

Any parting words?

Build daily  habits that will guide you in the path of  good success and also put God first in all you do.



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