Reno Omokri Warns Ladies About Marrying A Guy Without A Car


Reno Omokri has issued a warning to ladies on dumping a guy on foot despite his love for them just for a guy that drives a luxury car.

Taking to social media, Reno Omokri warned that such a decision fuelled by greed usually has a consequence.

“Dear women,

I am a man. We know how to deceive you to fall in love with us. So, here is the secret. Don’t fall in love with a man who says the right things. Go for a man who does the right things. Men know what women want to hear. So, many lie. Be wise. Don’t be so materialistic that you reject a man on foot, or one with an average car, who truly loves you, only to marry one with a luxury car. If care is not taken, you may end up marrying a driver posing as an owner, just because your greed blinded you!”.

He also had a word of advice to give concerning the right kind of wedding for those who don’t earn much.

“If your wedding is costing more than your net worth, the likelihood of your future divorce increases by more than 100%. Money issues are the number one reason for divorce. Google it. Save your marriage by having a wedding you can afford. Do not borrow to pay for your wedding. If your fiancé and her family insists on a wedding you can’t afford, give them 3 options. They either pay for it, or cut their expectations to meet your pocket, or keep their daughter”.


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