Reasons Why Anambra Mothers Choose Wives For Their Sons


When it comes to marriage, Anambra mothers often prioritise the well-being and happiness of their children. They play an active role in guiding their children in finding suitable partners. Sometimes they find themselves.

It’s a common thing for mothers to be protective of their children so it comes as no surprise. A good per cent of Anambra indigenes are successful and financially secure, and they do not fall into the hands of gold-diggers as wives. Their mothers often do the wife searching. Another reason could also be that Anambra mothers want their sons to marry pure and clean girls to avoid any health casualties in the future.

Mothers have a special bond with their sons and often want the best for them. So, when it comes to choosing a wife, some mothers may feel like they have a wealth of experience and wisdom to guide their sons in making the right choice. They want to ensure their sons find someone who will love and support them, and who will be a great partner in life.

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Mothers may also have certain values and qualities in mind that they believe would make a good match for their sons. It’s all about wanting the best for their children and wanting to see them happy in their marriages. Of course, every family is different, and not all mothers take on this role, but it can be a way for mothers to show their love and care for their sons.

Mothers are the first friends, people, individuals and human beings that a child and they always make a strong bond right from the womb. It is not supposed that a mother would do anything for the prosperity of her child. Mothers often have a protective side and wouldn’t want their children to make mistakes. In so wide, as regards marriage, the main reasons why mothers choose wives for their sons is because they feel well knowledgeable and equipped 8n that area and they feel they have known some girls all their lives so they can stand and vouch for the girl to have a good moral standard.

  1. Family Harmony: Mothers want to ensure that the potential wife will be a good fit for the family and contribute to a harmonious relationship between the son and his new family.
  2. Compatibility: Mothers consider factors such as shared values, beliefs, and interests to ensure that the couple will have a strong foundation for a successful marriage.
  3. Upbringing and Character: Mothers often look for a wife who has been raised with similar values and possesses qualities that align with their expectations for a life partner for their son.
  4. Family Dynamics: Mothers consider how well the potential wife will integrate into the existing family dynamics and maintain positive relationships with other family members.
  5. Well-being of the Family: Mothers want to ensure that their son will be cared for and supported by a loving and responsible wife who will contribute to the overall well-being of the family.
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It’s important to remember that while some mothers may play a role in choosing wives for their sons, individual preferences and choices also play a significant part in modern relationships.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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