Today we are going to tell you an impressive story with a happy ending! This post is about the life of a Nigerian couple who, for a long time, was trying to have a baby. When it finally happened, they were blessed with six at a time. Continue to read to learn more about the story.

    A Nigerian couple who lives in the United States of America and have been trying to have a baby for seventeen years was recently blessed with sextuplets. They welcomed the babies into the world at VCU Medical Center in Virginia. On the 11th of May, Mrs. Ajibola Taiwo gave birth to three girls and three boys through Caesarean section.


    Mr. Adeboye Taiwo and his wife Ajibola were more than filled with joy when they were told they were expecting four babies on the first ultrasound check up back in November. In January, they discovered they were expecting two more making six. Mr. and Mrs. Taiwo were very excited to learn they will be having six babies after almost two decades of trying to have one.


    However, the delivery of the babies required a team of forty medical personnel. According to the medical director of labour and delivery at the hospital, Dr. Susan Lanni, the doctors had to practice drills and resuscitation exercises in advance.

    Here is how she explained it: “A typical labour and delivery shift includes one, perhaps two premature births, usually with time in between. We had to coordinate with our colleagues in the NICU for six premature babies to be delivered simultaneously.”


    The six newborns had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for proper care so they could thrive. You can see a picture of both Mr. Adeboye Taiwo and his wife Ajibola Taiwo holding the babies to their chest for skin-to-skin contact.

    Mr. Adeboye had this to say after the delivery of the babies: “I hope for the smallest of my six children to grow up and say “I was so small, and look at me now”.”

    Taiwo’s babies were the first set sextuplets to be delivered at the VCU Medical Centre. Before them, a set of sextuplets were said to have been born in Trinidad in March 2013. However, only three out of the six survived.

    We hope that these babies will thrive well and grow healthy. We hope that they will go on to do well in life and bring more joy to their parents. We wish their parents to grow in patience and strength as they raise the six babies.

    Source: Abuja Reporters


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