Read Before You Lodge Into That Hotel


There are a good number of reasons why you would want to consider different hotels ranging from just needing a nice place to unwind and relax, visiting the city for the first time or booking for family, friends or guests. Whichever reason it is, you certainly want to get the best and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Choosing the best hotel to stay in Lagos can be tasking as you can easily end up in a crappy hotel for the price of a better one.

It is only fair to get value for your money whether it is a product or a service you are paying for. Lagos is a popular, attractive and a sort after city in Nigeria. There is a wide range of hotels to pick from that would suit your preference.

If you are pondering which of the hotels in Lagos would suit your needs, then this article from Naijassador is right for you. That being said, here are a few tips for choosing hotels in Lagos.

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1. Conduct your research

This is about the first thing to do when trying to choose from hotels in Lagos. The arrival of the internet has made it easy to have access to relevant information. There are a good number of websites that provide details on various hotels in Lagos, their cost and the facilities available within.

Without proper research, you would end up paying more for a hotel that offers less.

Another good thing about engaging in proper research is that it gives you access to pictures of the hotel. You can easily look through to see how the rooms are, and what facilities and amenities are available.

2. Consider the location

Whether you need a place to unwind or you are a traveller, it is important to consider the location of the hotel. For a traveller, you should stay in hotels that are in proximity to the city centre. This is because If you are taking time to relax, you might want to book a hotel that is close to fun places or recreational centres that interest you. Regardless of your reason for wanting to book a hotel in Lagos, location is a principal factor to consider.

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Anyone who has been to Lagos or lives here knows about the legendary traffic in Lagos. No one wants to go out and get stuck in the gridlock. Especially when you travel for a business meeting or an important presentation. A good choice would certainly be to settle for hotels that are centrally located.

3. Budget and Price

Before anything else, your budget is very essential as it determines what type of hotel you end up settling for. Your budget should include the cost of food and drinks within the hotel. In most cases, people forget how expensive meals in hotels can be. This also means you should consider whether to bring your food along or eat out.

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The price of the hotels in Lagos charge per night differs from location to location. Also depends on the facilities and amenities available in the hotel. Some hotel booking sites such as often offer cheaper prices when you book through them. It could also be cheaper to book your room on the hotel’s sites.

4. Amenities

The outcome of your stay largely depends on the amenities available and how well-maintained they are. The condition of the rooms, adequate space in the parking lot, Wi-Fi, breakfast, swimming pool, a gym, restaurant and others. All these facilities are needful and make or mar your stay in the hotel. Especially if you intend to stay long.

Now you have tips you can use before checking into hotels in Lagos, Nigeria as compiled by Naijassador.


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