Prince Harry ‘striking fear’ in the heart of King Charles


King Charles is reportedly becoming more fearful by the day as Prince Harry’s “barely scratched the surface” of his Diana stories.

Royal author and biographer Tom Bower made this admission in his piece for the Daily Mail.

He warns, “No one knows better than Charles that Harry has barely scratched the surface when it comes to his tumultuous marriage to Diana, his difficult relationship with his own parents and his adulterous relationship with Camilla. The embattled King knows he has good reason to fear his son.”

“Charles’ resolve is also weakened by guilt. He is sufficiently self-aware to realise that, in the wake of Diana’s death, he was anything but the supportive father he should have been.”

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“All too often, at weekends and during school holidays, Harry was left in the care of his nanny at Highgrove while his father pursued his own interests or nestled in another home with Camilla. The chickens, Harry might say, have now come home to roost.”