Photos: Youth Corper Renovates A Dilapidated Health Centre That Had Been Abandoned For 2 Years In Kwara State Where He Was Posted (Must See)

A corper, Olayemi Ajibola E., with the Twitter handle: @Chexfactor posted on Twitter how he renovated the “Dilapidated Only Primary Health Centre” in Oyun, Moro LGA, Kwara State where he was posted to serve.

Follow the Thread Below and see how he started! and How He completed it:

I was posted 2 Kwara state, somewhere called Oyun in Moro LG. Got there and saw this was d shape of d only primary health centre there…

Dilapidated. shocking thing is nurses where still working in d building..head nurse told me due women even gave birth there…

you could see the sky from the lobby of the PHC. Anyway I set out to renovate the place. got the necessary approvals & work started…

We began with replacing the bad roofing sheets, the asbestos & changed the net

This color was used cos it represents NYSC & we didn’t want some “persons” (who abandoned this for 2 years to claim they did the work”


We achieved what we planned to do, then came the day of commission (9th March 2017). Our AD-CDS, Z.I., L.I., A.L.I. were present…big stuff

The Mogaji’s (of two communities) came, with principals of 4 schools,community members + d nurses…I was happy everyone was represented..