Oshodi Market


Oshodi Market was a market located in Oshodi, a suburb of Lagos state, southwestern Nigeria. It is one of the largest markets in the Lagos metropolis

Oshodi is what you will call a multi-market because it’s a couple of markets in one. There’s the main Oshodi market where a lot of stuff from curtains to food items and footwear are sold, there’s Arena where you can buy just clothes and fashion items then there’s another market by the rail line that’s devoted to thrift wear.

Despite being very open and spacious, Oshodi is one of the scariest markets in Lagos because the pickpockets are so good that you might not realise what you’ve lost until you’re halfway to your house.

Naijassador’s visit to the Oshodi market in Lagos was fascinating, although it was a challenge walking through the multitudes that patronize the market because a lot of people commute through it since it is centrally located in the heart of Lagos. Oshodi is one of the oldest locations in Lagos and the History of Nigeria.

The common saying about this market is that you find anything you want to buy there and that’s a very True statement. From Fabrics to home items, Electronics, construction items, Food and all, you will find them at Oshodi market.


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