Many technology experts believe that Nigeria should embrace the global trend of

more tasks and recruitments being delivered via the internet. More service

marketplaces are emerging globally and in Nigeria to reinvent the approach to

hiring artisans, professionals and getting clients. A whole one third of the

American workers are freelancers according to a recent survey.

Today, services marketplaces have expanded into a wide variety of offline

service providers like plumbers, carpenter, mechanics, nannies, home coach,

dancers, caterers, bouncers and lot more. This myriads of marketplaces both old

and emerging, especially the Nigerian start-ups, face a great deal of challenges

ranging from slow adoption, dotcom apathy and must raise a lot of capital to both

scale and communicate their value proposition, so isn’t surprising that it has

taken a little longer for the marketplaces to really grow both in Nigeria and in


On the other hand, many especially a huge chunk of the middleclass and those

in the upper echelon are beginning to believe that the hiring and freelancing is

ripe for new business models that aggregates the contacts of different providers,

sorts them properly with a usable interface, has an effective verification system

and guarantees service quality, speed and best value for money. This is needed

to fight the huge frustration caused by skill drought, high pricing and a plethora of

challenges related with search and transactions in Nigeria.

This work-related marketplace can be broadly divided into jobs/recruitment and

service marketplaces, with the founders attempting to make it easier for

employers to find employee and for clients to find service providers at a reduced


Almost a hundred of service marketplaces have been been popped up globally,

including fiverr, seoclerks and job sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed,,

TheLadders, Robert Half, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster.

Findworka is the first in Nigeria to boldly attempt to crack jobs and services as an

integrated whole. Findworka was launched in 2016 by developer cum

entrepreneur Dele Bakare. Findworka has officially announced plans to be a full

service hiring and gig marketplace, and earlier this year the Lagos-based

company applied to become a licensed recruiter and service-platform business in


Dele-BakareDele Bakare, the founder of Findworka; have said that they chose the name for

the business because it represents the intention of most individuals and

organizations on the internet- people need the right people to do their tasks for

them quickly at the best price.

In an interview with Punch, the startup’s founder and Chief executive explained

how Findworka plans to massively cut the time wasted in searching for the right

artisans and professionals by maintaining and growing the largest database of

service providers anywhere in Nigeria that is readily available via the internet.

With a reliable verification and monitoring system where consistently people can

get excellent service, the startup seems to be confronting headlong the biggest

problem with this model- trust. Dele like many other Nigerian tech founders are

very bullish about the online freelancing industry and are convinced that with the

right combination of excellent companies, improved infrastructure and more

investment capital, more work naira will be transacted online in the nearest