OAU Students Protetsed Boo and stoned President Goodluck Jonathan [Pictures]


Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) have staged a peaceful protest on their campus against the visit of President Goodluck Jonathan. They hauled stones and sticks at the head of the country.

OAU students have staged a protest

President Jonathan had visited the Yoruba Unity Summit organised by the Committee on Yoruba Progress, southwest geo-political zone of the country where the president was endorsed for his re-election in the 2015 general election.

OAU students have staged a protest

But the placard-wielding students of the OAU who had gathered at the Oduduwa Hall, place of the conference to protest what they named “rot in the educational sector” booed and stoned President Jonathan while entering the presidential chopper few minutes after the conference.

The students say they are furious that all activities at their school have been delayed due to President Jonathan’s visit. They also say they are protesting the anti-achievements of the educational system under the GEJ government.


The angry students were shouting “ole” “ole” (“thief”, “thief”) at the head of the country and other celebrated politicians who visited the conference.

Among other inscriptions on the placards were: “We Condemn Jos Killing of Students, Students Are Not Chicken”, “Don’t Sell Education As You Sold Electricity”, “We Demand Total Reversal of 2014 Hiked School Fees”.

OAU students protest

Hundreds of OAU students blockaded the road leading to the school’s sports centre where the chopper wearing the seal of the Federal Government and targeted Nigerian Air Force, NAF-280, requesting that President Jonathan should address them before departing the campus.


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While Jonathan was leaving, some protesters continue to aim stones at the chopper before they were dispersed by security personnel, so none of the thrown missiles reached the president.

President Jonathan at OAU today

It would be recalled that talks about Jonathan’s impeachment have been actively circulating in the media this week, which comes just two months ahead of the presidential elections.


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