Two men in living room watching television and cheeringThere many seasons in humanity. We have rainy, dry, winter and autumn seasons. We also have the yuletide season. Some movies even have seasons. In some cultures, there are seasons e.g New yam season in Nigeria.

However one season that stands out and affects everyone directly or indirectly is the Football season. Of particular reference is the football followership in Nigeria. It is amazing how about 70 million football fans will follow foreign soccer leagues while doing next to nothing about their own leagues and home-grown footballers.

As the English premier league started in earnest on the 8th of August, lives will be at a standstill. Dstv subscription fees will be paid without questions or queries. Saturdays are no longer lonely days. Children will be denied the necessity of being taken out by their Daddies just because Daddy wants to catch the match involving Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid  or any of his favourite clubs. Wives will be told the time they must come back home if she goes out with her husband. Children will be told to go and play with the ipad , read their books or go to sleep as Daddy ‘needs’ to watch TV.

Facebook and twitter updates will begin to trend as the goals start coming in or as tackles begin to fly. Fans will begin to value the worth of their players and even wonder if some are supposed to be in the team. Coaches and Managers will be maligned and abused and fans will become emergency players and Managers.

Sadly however, as the football season begins, TVs will be broken in anger, children beaten or shouted upon in anger, wives will be denied their conjugal rights just because the husband is mourning the loss of his team. Wives will have to beg their husbands to eat as the loss of a match isn’t the loss of the league. Fights will break out especially in drinking joints and viewing centres over something as trivial as taunting an opposing player or something as menial as whether the referee was right with the call or card. Bets will be lost with attendant collateral damages. I remember the story of a man who couldn’t pay his children’s school fess just because he lost his bet on his team.

Most importantly though are those that will smile to the banks. Dstv (in Africa) as usual will continue to rake in the millions from ‘innocent’ subscribers. Drinking joints and viewing centres will once again swell to overflowing with people trooping in to catch a glimpse of their darling teams while downing a cold bottle of ‘something’.

Telecommunication companies will continue to flourish as people need to subscribe to data bundles to post, ping, check updates and tweet.

Whichever section of fans you fall into, i want to wish you the best. Whether or not your team did well in the transfer market will be known in another 9 months or thereabout.

At the end of this season:

May the best team win.  May your children not curse you just because you ‘borrow’ their school fees to place a bet and lost. May Madam not look for an alternative for you. May you not incur unnecessary expenses due to you uncontrollable anger. May you not starve to death just because your elite team lost to newly promoted Watford or Bournemouth.

May your head not be there when bottles need to be broken on one just because there is an unruly fan around. May you not taunt the wrong ‘Baba Alaye’ while you are half drunk (You may never live to tell the story).

At the end of the season, I hope to hear from you all.

Article written by Adeola Akinjomo (