Nigerian Police: Nothing New About Okiro’s News!



The other day, I read about the claim by the Chairman, Police Service Commission, Mr. Okiro (who himself is a former Inspector General of Police) that more than 150,000 police officers are attached to VIPs and unauthorized persons. Hmm…..Newsflash!

Please, Mr. Okiro should stop it. This is not news. Nigerians know they have always been at the mercy of the bad guys as gallant men of the Nigerian police force have been distributed to be re-distributed among the ‘big boys’ and ‘big babes’.

We all know how our ‘Men in Black’ have been reduced to either carry handbags for madam or shop rite nylon for oga. They guard empty houses and open doors for VIPs.

The other day, I saw a mobile police officer holding an umbrella for a politician. I even saw a video of mobile policemen shooting sporadically into the air after they picked up the one and only Davido aka O.B.O from the airport after his return from Dubai. Examples abound of how privileged individuals have reduced the respectability of our officers.

But then should we blame these officers? Absolutely not. If the Nigerian state has given thoughts to the welfare and pensions of our first line of defense the way our governors and legislators take care of themselves when leaving office then this would never happen.

Until then, let us continue to churn out news that is not new!

Article by Sunday Kuteyi.

Inspired by an article from The Punch Newspaper



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