Nigerian Chefs With The Swag


The Nigerian food scene is a goldmine of flavours, history, and traditions. And guess what? Some chefs are making sure the world gets a mouthful of this deliciousness. They’re spicing things up and taking Nigerian food global! Here are seven of them you need to know in this article from Naijassador.


As the brains behind XO Boutique Bakery in Victoria Island and an instructor at the Culinary Academy, Alex Oke’s dishes are a beautiful mélange of Nigerian, Asian, and European flavours. Educated at Canada’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and gaining invaluable experience as a chef in Vancouver, Alex returned to Nigeria to set up his boutique bakery, which has become a haven for food lovers.


Mention top Nigerian chefs, and Gbubemi Fregene, affectionately known as Chef Fregz, is almost always on the tip of the tongue. Beginning his culinary escapade with stints at Oakwood Park and the Protea Hotel in 2004, he catapulted his ambitions by setting up his catering service in 2009. A year in Paris, where he earned a diploma from the revered Le Cordon Bleu, only fueled his fire. Back in Nigeria, Chef Fregz has become a culinary sensation, a judge on popular cooking shows like ‘Knorr Taste Quest,’ and a master of reinventing traditional Nigerian dishes with modern flair.


Also known as Abiola Akanji, Chef Stone is the visionary behind Red Dish Chronicles, arguably one of Nigeria’s premier culinary schools. After juggling restaurant gigs while studying business management at London Metropolitan University, he levelled up by honing his skills at New York’s French Culinary Institute. He’s also made waves in the culinary landscape with ‘The Burgundy,’ a chic fine-dining haven in Abuja that opened in 2022.


Tolulope Erogbogbo, popularly celebrated as Chef Eros, is a culinary entrepreneur with a flair for elevating Nigerian flavours. Founder of the Cookie Jar Bakery and Ile Eros restaurant, he kicked off his gastronomic journey selling seasoned chicken to UK students while studying international business management. But he’s more than just a chef; he’s a food business guru, recently venturing into the production of spices and other culinary products.


Fatima Haruna, or Chef Fatima, as she’s fondly called, wears many hats—professional chef, radio show host, culinary trainer, and entrepreneur. With a string of credentials from the State University of New York Global Food Initiative, including Certified Culinary Professional and Masters Certified Food Service Professional, she also conducts training and master classes that inspire a new generation of chefs.


Meet Nelson Michael, aka Chef Cupid—the pastry chef who’s taken the food scene by storm without stepping foot in a foreign culinary school. Training at Red Dish Chronicles and even serving as a facilitator there, Chef Cupid’s culinary journey is anything but ordinary. With a knack for filmmaking, he’s turned his culinary passion into visual art, capturing the imagination of food lovers while nabbing the Baileys Bake Fest crown in 2018.


Muneera Tahir, widely recognised as Chef Muse, turned her love for cooking from a hobby into a calling. Starting as a pupil at Red Dish Chronicles, she quickly rose through the ranks, securing an internship with L’Italiano Restaurant in London and eventually becoming its head chef. As a culinary consultant, author, and food stylist, she’s collaborated with high-profile brands, including Coca-Cola, Dangote, and Maggi.


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