Nigerian Campus: Runs Girls


The term “campus runs girls” may strike different meanings when heard or spoken. It doesn’t mean what it looks like on the surface. It has a deeper meaning. Campus runs girl doesn’t mean a girl that runs a lot on campus or a girl that is a campus sprinter. It has a deeper meaning.

“Campus runs girls” is a term used to describe young women who are known for being fashionable, and sexually and socially active on college campuses. But that expensive lifestyle they portray gets financed by them being sex workers. Campus runs girls usually satisfy men or guys on campus sexually for money. Another popular term for this is hook up, but that covers different aspects while the campus runs girls roll mainly in the campus.

Being a campus runs girl can have both positive and negative side effects. Let’s, delve into this article from Naijassador

Positive sides

Being a campus-runs girl does have positive sides. Let’s be real, being a campus runs girl does have benefits such as financial stability, connections, riches, and a luxurious lifestyle. It doesn’t end there and more of them include:

  • They are often seen as confident and outgoing individuals who enjoy socialising and participating in campus events.
  • Gaining popularity and attention from peers.
  • Being involved in various social activities and events.
  • Building a wide network of friends and connections.
  • Developing confidence and social skills.
  • Being perceived as fashionable.
  • Enjoying a vibrant social life on campus.
  • Having the opportunity to explore different interests and hobbies.
  • Experiencing a sense of belonging within the campus community.
  • Being exposed to new experiences and perspectives.

Negative sides

Being a campus runs girl also has its negative side. Most people feel the negative side is stronger than the positive side. Some of the negative sides include:

  • Potentially facing judgment or criticism from others due to stereotypes or misconceptions.
  • Stronger exposure to STDs, HIV and AIDS
  • Loss of respect among peers
  • Lack of commitment to relationships
  • Loss of respect
  • Spiritual problems: For spiritual individuals
  • Easy target for organ harvesters
  • Can easily get brutalised and killed by violent clients

You must be thinking why unwanted pregnancy wasn’t added to the list of negative side effects. Let’s be real, campus runs girls hardly get unwanted pregnancies. Because they’re well knowledgeable in the field.

They know medications and mixtures that prevent them from getting pregnant, but only a low percentage of runs girls get pregnant especially if they feel the pregnancy itself will bring financial freedom to them.

The reasons why girls indulge in the act vary. For some, it’s the taste for an expensive lifestyle, and for others, it’s their unfavourable condition. The two main reasons why this act is seen as a bad deed is because of social and religious constructs. But how it is seen is all based on personal perspectives and choices.

There is a saying that goes “You won’t know what a person is going through until you walk in their shoes’ ‘.


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