Nigeria Gradually Becoming A Hub For Internet Companies

The Internet, since its invention in the 1960s has gradually grown into a desired necessity in our daily lives.

An average person uses the internet 10-15 times a day while a
great number of individuals almost never get off it. The Internet has revolutionised “the media”, “the way we connect with each other” and even “the way we do business”.

Multi-billion dollar companies such as Google and Facebook are the leading internet companies of today.

In recent years, we have witnessed the gradual emergence of internet companies in Nigeria. So i have decided to put together a list of those companies and what form of services they offer.

This is a web app that helps connect buyers and sellers. With this app, a seller can find buyers from the same local government as he or she is.

You can advertise almost anything for sale. All you have to do is signup, add your products to your store with pictures and details. Buyers who are interested in those products will contact you through phone or email.

This is a powerful tool that every startup business out there in Nigeria should utilise.

What is amazing about this app is that it supports the 3 languages mostly spoken in Nigeria namely Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.

For more information you can visit and see for yourself first-hand at AND

This is an online shopping web app. Over the years Jumia has transformed itself into the ebay of Africa. It does not only operate in Nigeria but also in countries from North and East-Africa.

People can buy almost anything from jumia and konga as they are online shopping platforms and have the option of either paying right away using their credits or paying on delivery.

For more information there addresses are and respectively.

With high rate of unemployment, jobberman is doing a pretty good job at find employment for Nigerian Youths.

Currently there is none like it as it has no competitors.

For more information you can visit the site at

This is an online travel agency that helps you plan your trips. These people behind this great app are really good at what they do.

You can find cheap hotels, book flights among other things.

For more information you can visit the site at

This is an app that helps you find local businesses close to you.

The whole idea behind this is about connecting customers and businesses.

In case you are looking for a construction company that will help build your new house you might want to search for it at

This another e-commerce app just like Jumia and Konga.

You can find more about this app at, AND

All these three are online platforms for ordering food. It makes it easy for you to skim through restaurants and a variety of dishes all at a glance.

In case you are hungry right now you might want to check them out at these addresses, and respectively

This is a web app that helps you find a taxi close to your location.

It is a powerful tool for business executives and individuals alike that love to move around the city in taxi.

You can check out the app at