Never say Never!


never give up

”When the center can no longer hold, things fall apart”

I took some time out to go house hunting. I saw a lot, ranging from very little houses to extremely large ones. While some needed renovation touches, there amazingly were others readily available for immediate usage. No detail was too little to be considered. I wondered why some apartments remained unoccupied for several years.

I can’t help but laugh aloud at my reaction to one particular apartment. It was terrible at sight that I almost opted out even before stepping in. Persuaded, I walked in. My jaw dropped; it was a sight to behold.

You can guess the end. My house hunting was over. I paid up for the apartment that I almost instantly would have written off.After my desired fitting for the surrounding, I walk into my home today and every day with this one lesson


I have a life story with few pages of regrets. Truth is sometimes, I wish I never gave up on some things. Wish I dared to hold on, to try again, to dream again, to have given again, to have said I am sorry, or perhaps thank you; to have never said never.

It will be unfair to enjoy my residence without inviting you over. So, here is my address, can’t wait to host you!

I reside and have pitched my tent in the land called ”hope.”Simply ask for possibilities street and my humble abode you will find.

I hope you aint seriously checking that out(laughs).

Common! my heart is my home. There dwells the battle between

what I can and what appears like I cannot.

I train daily too, overcoming battles. You ask for my trophies? Well, hear my story and you’d see that for the times I almost let go and chose not to, whether applauded or not, my heart gave a leap of victory.

Today, see your heart as  an apartment. Decide the structures, color and design.

Feed your heart with positive cuisines. Right now, your heart may be cracked up, shaken, so fragile, bleeding, hardened up…

Like my apartment, never say never cos you never can tell. Walk into your heart and you will discover the virtues that lie within. The beauty on the inside is strong enough to glow on the outside.

When next you get stuck, smile and boldly say



By Faith Jabai


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