NASFAT Suweebah Kupolati Urges Women To Embrace Polygamy, says Recognition In Quran


The NASFAT National Women Affairs Secretary, Mrs. Suweebah Bola Kupolati, has urged women to embrace polygamy, saying it is recognised by the Holy Quran.

Kupolati said this at the first Biennial Zonal Women’s Conference held at Fountain University, Osogbo, Osun State.

She also enjoined Muslim women to acquire deep comprehension of polygamous marriage in alignment with Quranic teachings and shari’ah principles.

The NASFAT Secretary said:

“By recognizing polygamous marriage as a social necessity, beneficial for both genders, women’s apprehensions about it could diminish.

“Polygamy is a subject that some of our women are hesitant about due to their desire for exclusive spousal relationships. However, this is a concept rooted in the Quran.

“As the Women’s Management Committee and NASFAT, our role is to facilitate women’s understanding of this concept for easier acceptance.”

Kupolati added that embracing polygamy could help address numerous societal issues, urging women to study the topic further and place trust in Allah.

She said,

“Polygamy offers solutions to many challenges we face today. With more females than males, it’s imperative to educate women about this subject so they can approach it positively.

“Polygamy is Quranic and we must embrace it with goodwill. The only challenge lies in women’s lack of comprehension and acceptance. It’s a divine solution to various problems.”

Kupolati further reiterated that Islam permits a maximum of four wives for a man, provided he can care for them and their offspring.

One of the attendees, Alhaja Onifade Sherifat, stressed the need for education to dispel misconceptions about polygamy.

Other participants who spoke on the challenge of accepting another wife, pledging to adhere to Quranic teachings with patience and faith.


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