The Federal Government has begun the process of tracing stolen Nigerian funds and recovering them from foreign nations where they are stashed.

The main countries where the past corrupt officials are believed to have stashed these funds are; United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and other European nations.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, confirmed to Punch Newspapers, that the search for the looted funds will not be limited to these countries but anywhere in the world where they may be hidden.

Adesina said, “The search will not only cover UK, US, Switzerland, Germany and other known havens for Nigerian looted funds but will cover everywhere under the sun. Anywhere and everywhere that the looted funds are, we have an assurance from the United States of America to assist us to repatriate these funds from anywhere under the sun.”

“When the President met with the G7, the promise that the American President gave him was that Nigeria should just provide all the facts, the figures, the statistics, including the banks.

“He promised that if Nigeria could make the information available, then the US will help in recovering the stolen funds.”

Furthermore, Adesina revealed that the Federal Government had started identifying the banks, saying: “In fact, the President said the government will spend the next three months identifying banks, individuals and monies that have been ferried out of this country.”

“The assurance the President has given is that within the next three months, we have to concentrate on getting those monies back to the government coffers.”

Meanwhile, the Department for International Development, a UK government department responsible for administering overseas aid, had reportedly informed the President of where about N1.3tn stolen during the last administration, is being kept and who the beneficiaries are.

A source close to the DFID disclosed to Punch that the President could easily recover the money in the first six months in the office with the help of the UK, US, and other G7 members.