My Stepson And Jasmine Are Planning to Relocate to Uk as A Couple – Mr Ibu


Stellamaris Okafor, wife of veteran Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu has revealed that her stepson and Jasmine were going to go to the UK as a couple and that she had no intention of using Mr. Ibu’s money to buy an iPhone and engage in BBL.

Recall that Stella had accused Jasmine of hijacking funds donated for the actor’s treatment and spreading lies about misappropriating funds against her and she decided to share her side of the story to clear her name.

Reacting to this information, Mr. Ibu’s second son, Daniel Okafor, came forward to dispute Stella Maris’s accusations regarding the control of the account where donations for the actor’s operations were made.

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Social media activist, VeryDarkman also accused Stellamaris of attempting to use funds intended for Mr. Ibu’s medical expenses for her own benefit.

He had stated that Ms. Ibu’s wife requested money from the proceeds earned for the actors’ medical expenses so that she could get a new phone and have a BBL completed.

She refuted all of the accusations made against VeryDarkman in a lengthy disclaimer.

She questioned him rhetorically, asking whether he thought her so inconsiderate to consider purchasing an iPhone and engaging in BBL while her spouse, with whom she had shared 16 years of marriage, was ailing.

She said that since she had requested an account statement to find out how much was coming in and going out, Jasmine had lied to her about everything.

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She also claimed that her stepson and Jasmine intended to go to the UK together.

See her post below:


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