I was recently involved in a business project and had to do a fair share of the business logistics. After it all, I knew that I would never envy bankers or business managers.
Setting up a successful business is more than a lot of work and thinking. The keyword there being “more”.

During the planning,there is no room for mistake – as every wrong figure in your business plan is a sure indicator of failure. Then the implementation of the plan starts and once again,there is no room for any kind of slip because it could throw your business off balance. Your business starts proper and a clientele base is established. Now you have to put on your thinking cap and track shoes to ensure that you keep your customers happy, attract more and stay ahead of your competition. That, to me, is the concept of business in a nutshell.

Years ago in secondary school when I was introduced to Economics, Mr Onwuzurike my teacher,always referred to us as commodities. Now, I have to change that term. Humans are not just commodities; we are all businesses walking around. I am a business name:  Amy You might be a business named John or Ore, Ada, Ahmed etc.

A group of people called ‘parents’, planned us and implemented us by giving birth to us. Aided by other groups such as ‘friends’ and ‘teachers’,they invested in us so that we can make the right life choices which are our customers. These life choices include our career choices,characters,habits,attitudes and even relationships.

When I realised this,I knew that there had to be a few changes in my life. As a business, I was born to succeed and not to fail. There is no room for any wrong figure or slip. I have to always think of what is best for me as a business, my investors and even my workers who could be said to represent my body.

I need the right character,habits and relationships in order to succeed. I do not need a few clients to get by, but I require a large and satisfied clientele base in order to make huge profits.

I need to always be at the right place always because a business is all about location, location and location. Every business has a peak season and a low tide season. Therefore, I don’t need to be sad when sales reduce during rough times in my life. The peak season is just a few months ahead. Sometimes,good businesses fail. Yet,they rise again after some things have been changed and new ideas are birthed and implemented.

Some may argue that they were not planned by their parents, but they have to remember that this universe is a strange one. Every business has a probability of succeeding. Some open businesses just for the fun of it; some because they see others opening; and some open just because they have the means to…so why not? Others just come by their businesses when hobbies just turn into businesses. All of these have a tendency to succeed if nutured and if the business idea is truly a great one. Ideas do sell themselves. Among these groups of accidental businesses are those ones whose owners felt they could not go on and sold or gave them away. These given a little bit of help or lots of help depending,are also capable of succeeding.

Whatever kind of business you are or whatever sort of origin you have, just know that you can succeed too. Remember that sometimes,businesses give bonuses and do pro bono work. You do not always have to turn in a profit. Also,businesses thrive through inter-business relationships. Look out for businesses that would offer wonderful symbiotic packages. Do bear in mind too that a little business could be just as successful as a large conglomerate. Some successful businesses are not known outside their point of sales locale. Whatever works best for you is just fine.

All that was the result of my introspection some days ago. Do you agree with me? Are you ready to start turning in profits in your life? I wish you all the best in your life/business.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Olga Bogatyrenko

About Amy Nwoku

Amy Nwoku is both a medic and a writer. Born and bred in Umuahia,a city where everyone knows everybody;she aims to teach and inspire the world with her experiences and those of the people in her world. For now,more of her works can be found on her facebook page,www.facebook.com/Amy4me.