Mo Abudu’s Powerful Advice To Women Entreprenuers


mo abudu

Mo Abudu,  founder of Ebony Life TV, was recently interviewed by Mfonobong Nsehe, for Forbes Africa’s Most Successful Women.

Here is her response to the question What advice do you have for those who desire to follow your entrepreneurial footsteps?”

 Anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur must know that bright ideas are great, however, they are not even half of the work; execution is everything. Yes, as the saying goes, ‘there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’, but when that time comes, you must be prepared to bleed sweat, tears and blood to bring your ideas to life.

For women, never ever see your gender as a handicap.Never think yourself inferior. Be ready to do twice the work for half the usual reward. When the door isn’t opened, kick down the door. Take the regular harassment and other obstacles women face in stride. In fact, be prepared for them. Be prepared to be told off, to be told you are not good enough, to go unrewarded for even doing the same work your male counterpart has done.

Work with your passion, let it consume and drive you. Do not be distracted. On down days, it will keep you going. Also, surround yourself with like minds. In fact, you should exhaustively curate those who will go along with you on your journey. I can’t say that enough.


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