As a young lad in boarding school, I had an argument with my mum when I was in J.S 2.  As usual during the break, when resumption was close by, I gave her my list of necessities to take back to school. On this particular day, just before going out to the store to get the items I needed, she perused the list and then called me. On getting to her, she sat me down and told me that in my list was the beverage MILO and I wanted powdered milk as well.  To my chagrin, she told me that will not be possible. She said it was either I took only MILO or I settled for Bournvita and milk because ‘MILO already contains milk’. She picked up an empty can, which she had in her bag and showed me where it was written (as a matter of evidence).

Before I started to cry I made sure I argued with her for the next 20 minutes. Of course, for a woman who could hardly afford any luxury the rest, they say, is history.

Now, the catch here is not just about Milo or Bournvita but more importantly, about milk. Having milk in your cupboard those days showed class. It made other students know your parents are able and capable. Some had two or even three tins. I can vividly picture cupboards of some of my guys. They were filled to overflow. And imagine, all i asked for was just one tin.

In life, there is always the temptation to look and feel good. We always want to forcefully add to what is already made available in us. We want to ‘outdo’ others. While we know that it may be good to acquire the good things of life, it may not be necessary to stack up more than we really need.

Fact remains and still is that all what we need to be who we ought to be in life are already deposited in us. Before you begin to go out and about looking for what you require to make an impact in lfe, you really need to look deep inside of yourself. Have you done an intensive soul search to be sure you do not have what it takes? Life is not really about getting but about making the best use of what you already have. I know of a man who currently has about 10 Masters degrees (and still counting) and while I may not question the ‘what’ he is doing with them I may want to ask ‘why’ he has them. If we can answer the ‘why’ of our lives then there will be no question of ‘what’.

Do you really need to add milk to your Milo? Do you sincerely need all what you so desire? Are you not adding to what already exists? Do you really need to ‘outdo’ others? Some people are in the wrong profession or vocation just because they feel it’s trendy or will add to their status. It may show class or tell others you are to be reckoned with but your success in life is not based on what you can add or amass but what you do with what you already possess. The greatest injustice is to look back after many years and say to oneself, ‘What a wasted journey’.

The bottoms of oceans and seas contain yet-to-be discovered pieces of history and the future but it will take a deep dive into them to bring these items to the present.

You have all it takes to be successful; you have all it takes to be relevant. All it requires is for you to spend a little more time with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Milo already contains Milk.

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