Nigeria is a nation endowed with an abundance of gifted individuals who have had a significant influence on the country. Nollywood, which is one of the most significant industries in the nation today and is also dominating internationally, has produced a large number of outstanding actors and actresses who are destined for international fame. Uru Eke is one of the most adored actresses.

As we embark on this journey to uncover the depths of Ivie’s artistry, we find ourselves drawn into a world where her performances are more than simply technical demonstrations; they are a captivating outpouring of emotions and storytelling.

With her captivating personality and unforgettable impact on those who are fortunate enough to witness her work, Uru Eke is a role model in the worlds of film and television. From her early days as a rising star to her current status as an experienced performer,

She has skillfully navigated the complicated scenes of the entertainment industry with unwavering determination and a dedication to quality. Her remarkable versatility makes her stand out as a true genius. Uru Eke has proven her extraordinary talent by masterfully capturing the subtleties and intricacies of a wide range of characters. She has distinguished herself not only as an actress but also as a supporter of constructive change.

Overtime she addresses social issues with her platform and encourages others to change the world. Her influence goes well beyond the screen, elevating her above the status of an actress to that of a force for good in the world. As we honor Uru Eke today, let us consider the events that shaped her career, the fictional characters she has brought to life, and the inspiration she still offers to budding artists everywhere. Join us in celebrating Uru Eke’s genius—a true entertainment icon and bright spot of talent. In this article from Naijassador we focus on Uru Eke’s life, career, and other noteworthy aspects of this gifted actress.


The threads of Uru Eke’s colorful and inspirational childhood are interwoven throughout his journey into the entertainment industry. From her early days as a rising star to her current status as an experienced performer, Uru has skillfully navigated the complicated scenes of the entertainment industry with unwavering determination and a dedication to quality.

Her remarkable versatility makes her stand out as a true virtuoso. Her versatility is demonstrated by her ability to play a variety of characters, each with its subtleties and intricacies. Uru’s formative years were marked by a balance between artistic exploration and academic pursuits. Determined to succeed, she made her way through the University of Greenwich in London, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business information technology.

But entertainment was the world that called to her, and she heeded the call with unwavering zeal. Her entry into the spotlight started in September 2012 when she was interviewed by CNN’s Vladimir Duthiers for their 300 million-viewer program “Inside Africa,” where she was asked about her acting career, the 2012 Nollywood blockbuster “Last Flight to Abuja,” in which she played chief air hostess and her plans.

The show was a reality show that aimed to find and develop up-and-coming talent in the Nigerian film industry, and it was here that her talent and charisma shone, gaining her the much-desired international attention. This launched Uru into the spotlight and laid the groundwork for a career that would enthrall audiences in Nigeria and beyond, signaling the start of a life-changing chapter.

The interview’s video is still available to watch on the CNN website. Uru Eke’s commitment to her craft was clear even in these formative years. Recognizing every chance as a springboard, she built a career that would make her a renowned actor, producer, and supporter of constructive change. The genuineness and passion Uru brings to her roles are reminiscent of her early years and formative years. Her early years were influenced by her passion for the arts and her dedication to self-discovery, which helped to establish the foundation for her talent and leave a lasting impression on the entertainment industry.


Uru Eke’s academic journey reflects a commitment to intellectual growth and a pursuit of knowledge alongside her blossoming career in the entertainment industry. Uru Kalanwa Eke was born on October 11th, 1979 in Newham, East London, UK.

She pursued her passion for the arts alongside her thirst for knowledge. She pursued her higher education at the University of Greenwich in London, where she delved into the field of Business Information Technology, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to her personal and professional development. Despite the demands of academia, Uru’s love for the arts remained a constant force in her life, hinting at the harmonious blend of analytical thinking and creative expression that would later define her career. In navigating the academic environment, Uru Eke demonstrated resilience and determination that mirrored her approach to her artistic pursuits.

The pursuit of a degree in Business Information Technology not only showcased her intellectual acumen but also provided a solid foundation for her understanding of societal dynamics—a knowledge base that would prove invaluable as she later delved into roles that explored social issues in her acting career.

As she balanced her academic responsibilities with her burgeoning career, Uru’s ability to seamlessly integrate her studies and her passion for the arts underscored her dedication to both realms. Her natural talent and educational background allowed her to bring depth and insight to her roles, elevating her performances to nuanced reflections of the human experience.

Her journey in education serves as a testament to the idea that a holistic approach to personal and professional development can yield a well-rounded individual. Her academic achievements, paired with her artistic prowess, illuminate the multifaceted nature of her journey—a journey that continues to inspire aspiring individuals, both in the realms of academia and the arts.


The captivating story of Uru Eke’s career in the entertainment industry is one of talent, hard work, and a determination to leave a lasting impression. born on October 11th, 1979 Newham, East London, UK. Uru started her IT career right out of high school, working as a Business Acceptance Test Analyst for some of the top UK banks, including Lloyds TSB, Halifax, HSBC, Legal and General, and Zurich International.

She continued her education while working a 9–5 job, attending vocational training courses to hone her skills, and today she is an accomplished actor, event host, and associate producer of Dream Walker Following her role in the movie “Remember Me,” Uru became well-known. She is currently a well-known advocate, producer, and actress. With a London-based acting group called

“The Association of Multinational Performing Artists” in the UK, Uru officially launched her acting career in 2011. She appeared in several stage plays and in-house productions during her time there. In addition, she has acted in several movies, including “Forgive Me Father,” “Ebony,” “Lucky Joe,” “Widows Men,” “African Soldier,” “The Return of Ogidi,” “Friends in Love,” “Save the Prince,” “The Gift,” “Timeless Passion,” “Strive,” “Darkside,” “Last Flight,” “Weekend Getaway,” “One Last Word,” “The Duplex,” and “Being Mrs. Elliot!”.

Her big break came in September 2012 when Uru was interviewed by CNN’s Vladimir Duthiers for their 300 million-strong global audience show “Inside Africa.” During the interview, Uru was asked about her acting career, the 2012 Nollywood blockbuster “Last Flight to Abuja,” in which she played chief air hostess, and her future goals. The show was a reality show that aimed to find and develop up-and-coming talent in the Nigerian film industry.

The CNN website still has the interview’s video available for viewing. Her ascent to fame and the start of a career that would make her a household name were accelerated by this victory. She received an invitation to represent Nollywood in the Gambia in July 2013 as part of the celebrations for International Youth Day 2013. The African Youth Panel launched the Africa Youth Charter Ambassador program, a comprehensive training program designed to prepare its Ambassadors for the important youth activities that lie ahead and to develop “young voices” that will be recognized and heard globally.

There were notable Africans there from a range of backgrounds, including academics, businesspeople, politicians, civil society experts, and art managers. Sponsored in part by the Danish Roskilde Charity Society and organized in collaboration with the Children and Community Initiative for Development (CAID), the four-day event opened our eyes to the potential that can be effectively harnessed to support an increasingly engaged youth movement across the continent, focusing all available resources—material and intellectual—on building a strong network of young changes.

She played chief air hostess in the 2012 Nollywood blockbuster release “Last Flight to Abuja,” and in her early Nollywood roles, such as “Forgive Me Father,” she was able to showcase her acting versatility. Her ability to emotionally and authentically inhabit a range of characters gained her recognition within the industry very quickly.

Whether she was adding humor or portraying complex dramatic roles, Uru demonstrated an amazing ability to deeply engage viewers. Uru Eke showed her versatility as a force to be reckoned with in the industry by entering the film business at the height of her career. Her mission and unwavering desire to use film as a vehicle for social change and to positively influence society also inspired her to found the Chime for Art Foundation. Her creative expression and the advancement of the craft of film storytelling were enabled by this. In addition to her contributions to the entertainment industry, Uru has addressed social issues with her platform.

Her commitment to leveraging narrative to spark conversations and encourage change is evident in her advocacy work. Uru has demonstrated her belief in the transformative power of art through her roles in films with themes centered around societal challenges and her outspoken stance on relevant issues. In addition to her acting career, Uru has co-hosted several events with Dakore Egbuson, Gideon Okeke, and Denerele Edun, including the 2014 Nollywood Movie Awards. Uru Eke’s career serves as evidence that skill, tenacity, and enthusiasm can affect society in ways that go beyond simple amusement. Her story continues to serve as an inspiration for aspiring artists and activists, proving that storytelling can be used to educate and spark thought-provoking conversations in addition to amusing.


  • Forgive Me Father (2009)
  • Last Flight to Abuja (2012)
  • The Duplex and Being Mrs Elliot (2014)
  • A Few Good Men (2015) o
  • Weekend Getaway (2015)
  • Finding Love (2015)
  • Remember Me (2016)
  • Rumour Has It (2016)
  • Crazy, Lovely, Cool (2018)
  • Africa Magics Baby Drama (2021)
  • For Old Times’ Sake (2021)
  • Man, of Her Match (2021)


We at Naijassador applaud her for her contributions to the Nigerian film industry and the multiple awards and nominations she has received. She won the Best of 2014 Nollywood (BON) awards for her role in “Last Flight to Abuja” (2012). In 2014, she received the ELOY Award, further acknowledging her achievements and influence with “The Duplex and Being Mrs. Elliot” (2014).

An additional career highlight came when Uru won the 2014 City People Movie Award’s Best Supporting Actress of the Year (English Category) category. Her extraordinary versatility as an actress was once again on display in 2014 when she took home the Golden Icon Awards for Best Actress in a Lead Role (English) at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

She has been successful, but she has also had difficulties, as seen by her nominations. In recognition of her contributions to the Nigerian film industry, Uru Eke has received multiple award nominations and wins. All of these awards simply show that her contributions to the film business are still valued.


Uru Eke is an actress of exceptional talent. She is currently not married. She states that she does not want marriage to get in the way of her career. She thinks her ability to reach her goals cannot be impeded by marriage. I am not sure how much information is out there about me, but I consider myself to be a gregarious, fun-loving person who knows what she wants and goes for it.

We are in a relationship, and he has not complained or made any suggestions that our future together will suffer because of my job. About marriage getting in the way of her career, she remarked, “I will cross that bridge when I get there.”


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