Meet The CEO Herself


Blessing Okoro, known widely as Blessing CEO, is a Nigerian social media influencer, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed relationship expert who has garnered significant attention and controversy in recent years.

From Blogger to Relationship Guru

Blessing CEO first rose to prominence as a blogger and later transitioned into offering relationship advice online. However, her credentials as a qualified relationship expert have been consistently challenged. Despite the lack of formal qualifications, she has amassed a considerable following on social media platforms.

Controversy and Legal Issues

Blessing CEO has been no stranger to controversy. In 2023, she found herself embroiled in a legal battle related to alleged cyberbullying and defamation. This incident, along with her involvement in a high-profile domestic violence case, further fueled public debate around her credibility and approach to offering relationship advice.

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More recently, she has made public statements about seeking personal growth and renouncing what she terms a “wayward lifestyle.” She has expressed a desire for a committed relationship and has been vocal about her experiences with domestic violence in a past marriage.


Blessing CEO remains a complex and controversial figure. While she enjoys a dedicated following, her methods and qualifications as a relationship expert continue to be a source of debate. Her journey and recent pronouncements suggest a potential shift in focus, but only time will tell how this will impact her public image and influence.


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