Meet Seyi Adekunle, MD/CEO of Vodi Tailors, The Largest Male Fashion Label In Nigeria

Seyi Adekunle, MD/CEO Vodi Group

In the advent of the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, there was a ban on the importation of foreign goods including clothing materials. Two years after this ban, VODI’s MD/CEO, Mr. Oluwaseyi Adekunle, while performing his mandatory National Youth Service assignment at Akwa Ibom, was struck with the discovery that there was a comparatively limited amount of bespoke tailors in Nigeria and discovered that he had so much spare time to himself. He then decided to start sewing and selling boxer shorts and shirts in order to achieve self-dependence and to also create jobs for his younger ones. This led to the registrations of Testimony Fabrics and VODI Shirt makers with the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Continuous expansion projects of VODI TAILORS have propelled the company from a young entrepreneur’s idea to a major player in Nigeria’s apparel production industry. This report presents and overview of VODI’s profile and business position and an outline of one of its current strategic expansion projects. 

VODI Tailors is one of Africa’s leading and upwardly mobile fashion houses based in Nigeria. Our success is driven by the people and their commitment to get results in the right way – by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. Vodi Tailors was incorporated with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in November 2002 and empowered by a focus driven entrepreneur in person of Mr. Oluwaseyi Adekunle. Recognizing the fact that Africa, in her developing state, is multi-cultural and fashion oriented, VODI Tailors works daily to discover and harness new and unique ways to beautify Africans and quench the thirst for elegance.

VODI Tailors is a unified team of energized associates obsessed with creating Africa’s number one fashion and styles to surpass our customers’ expectations by taking excellence further to ‘Distinction’.

The guiding mission of VODI Tailors is to constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision by giving the best feeling of distinction to everyone we touch. By ‘the best’, we mean the best fabrics, the best design and styles, the best people, the best technology, the best innovative ideas to deliver the world class operational excellence in every corner of the company and to the many customers we serve.


VODI’s major products are menswear and kids’ wear. By combining meticulously selected fabrics and up-to-date technology, VODI creates unique and high quality customized and readymade garments. Products are segmented into the following categories: Shirts, Kaftans, Suits, Blazers, Agbada, Safaris, Etibos, South-South Style, Pants, Tunic Tops, Sportswear, Security Outfits, Overalls, Jumpers and Corporate Uniforms.

Apart from offering these product options to our extensive consumer base, we also produce customized Badges and Crests using the latest Embroidery, Monograming and Heat Transfer technology.

Vodi Tailors. also offers fashion consultation for celebrities and political figures.


View some of their works below


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