Meet Peterson Adeniyi: Nigeria’s No 1 Personality and Purpose Clarity Expert.


Have you ever questioned your personality?

Do you ever feel you are just wandering about and not fulfilling the purpose for which you have been created?

Are you REALLY happy doing what you are currently doing or is it just another means of getting money?

Do you think you are fulfilling purpose with your current occupation or merely existing?

Is your choice of career the best for you based on your personality type?

A lot of times, we feel we are doing what we are called to do, not knowing that there is plenty more to enjoying and living a fulfilled life than just coasting along the shores of mediocrity.

There are certain hidden potentials in all of us that can only be revealed by a deep dive inside of us.

You need to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

PETERSON ADENIYI is a Personality and Purpose Clarity Expert, who has over the years helped many in knowing who they ought to be. His personal sessions with many have revealed how life is to be lived based on their own potentials.

Based in Abuja, he has helped many all over Nigeria and around the world to assess their current situations, align their potentials with their current occupations and draw a roadmap for future achievements, many of whom have testimonies to share.

Coach Peterson can be reached on

Facebook: Adeniyi,

IG: @ask_coachpeterson

WhatsApp on 08038131130.

For more info, log on to










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