StorriedOlayinka Adeyemo, a pregnant woman based in Lagos, has been making headlines over the past couple of days due to her unique entrepreneurship story.

Adeyemo is the owner of a “Keke Napep” (commercial tricycle), which she rides to make a living.

Keke Napep riders are usually male, and the job is considered to be quite strenuous. And so the fact that Adeyemo, a pregnant woman is dominating the field, is fascinating to many.

In an interview with Storried, here’s what she had to say about delving into the Keke Napep business, her experience as a female in the male – dominated profession, and more.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

On how she got into the Keke business

My brother, I’m a graduate, but rather than stay idle coupled with the responsibility of taking care of my young family, a friend of mine encouraged me to take-up this business. First, I got this tricycle through a hire-purchase arrangement from this friend, but now it’s mine because I’m done with paying up the cost of the tricycle.

On how it feels to operate in a male-dominated career

I don’t feel any different. I’m working and the men are working too. The difference is that I get more considerations from bus-stop touts who milk us of our earnings because I’m a woman, and when they see my protruding tummy, they just let me be.

On how she is able to do the job while pregnant

I’m only pregnant. I’m not sick. Yes, I’m often tired, but this work is all I have to contribute to my family economy and meet my personal needs.

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