My name is Apoeso Ifedayo, a graduate of Computer Science from Osun State University. I am currently a Postgraduate student at the University of Ibadan studying Entrepreneurship Education.

I am a Garri Seller. I started selling Garri since 2010 but just for fun, stopped in 2012 because of my final exams. A friend called me after my final paper in 2013 during the ASUU strike to ask if I still sell Garri but told him no. He encouraged me and told me he loved the way I went about it. I later went to the drawing board to start an online errand business which gave birth to the 0965foods.

Our major focus was saving people the stress of going to the market by buying their foodstuffs for them. To my utmost surprise my client kept calling me to supply more Garri than other foodstuffs, so I decided to carve a niche around Garri. I went back and started selling Garri alone and that was how I became the Corporate Garri Seller.

My inspiration is to do something different and make a difference. I have been able to stand out because of the uniqueness of how I have built my brand. A lot of passion goes into making a difference.

My motivations:

Originality: This makes me stand out. I am not like every other Garri seller. We have uniqueness and that’s what has helped build the brand.

Passion: Passion to make a difference is also another factor. When you have passion for something the drive just flows even when you fall, you look at the prize ahead not the obstacle.

God: As a Christian, I don’t joke with God. I put him first in whatever I do. He is the major key to any success I might have recorded in business.

If you are in business already, don’t give up because you have failed, failure is a process and not an end point. There is no gain without pain, everybody loves cake but they have forgotten so quick it has been subjected to severe heat before it came out beautiful. Look at the prize ahead not the obstacle. See you at the top.        

You can reach us via Instagram and Twitter: @Corporate_Garri also on Telephone:  07032716376 and Whatsapp: 08055315769. Email: