Friday, January 27, 2023

Madonna to announce Greatest Hits tour ahead of 40th anniversary of first album

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Madonna is planning a Greatest Hits tour to celebrate 40 years in music, a source revealed.

The Hung Up hitmaker will soon announce the dates of her tour for which she has already booked out London’s O2 Arena, The Sun reported.

The outlet quoted a source, “Madonna is trying something completely new — and really giving fans, young and old, what they want.”

“She wants to capitalise on tracks like Frozen and Material Girl popping off on TikTok, and introduce her back catalogue to an entirely new generation.

“Previously she has always wanted to be forward-facing and focus on whatever new album she’s plugging. But now, in her mid-sixties, she is going back to basics and once again reinventing herself.”

The insider added,

“That being said, it is sure to be no holds barred and suitably risqué. Her last Madame X tour was in small theatres, but this one will be in stadiums, with the O2 already confirmed.”

“It’s massively exciting,” the source dished.

This comes after the Queen of Pop said in an interview that she is eager to perform on stage. “I want to go on tour again. I’m a creature of the stage. That is my happy place,” Madonna said.

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