Love School 101


Okay, lovers, hopeless romantics. So, you’re trying to reignite the flame in your relationship but don’t know how to. You miss those lovey-dovey and adorable moments you used to have with your significant other but don’t know how to reignite it. You’ve thought long and hard about how to light up the flame and take your relationship to the next level, but romantic gestures aren’t coming to mind.

Then you are reading the right article from Naijassador, cause I ‘ve got just the tips you need. Yes! It’s time to rekindle that old spicy hot love. Plus, who said that a relationship can’t feel surreal and nostalgic every once in a while, even though kids are now in the picture? Yep! children, they’ve taken a lot of your alone time with your significant other and now it’s time to get it back. Grab your popcorn because this is going to be a love class 101.

Try new activities

Trying activities with your significant other can be a lot of fun! You can start by discussing shared interests and hobbies. Try going for a hike, cooking a meal together, or even taking a trip together. The key is to find activities that you both enjoy and that allow you to bond and create new memories together.

Plan surprise dates

Planning romantic dates for your significant other can be a really pleasant gesture. Start by thinking about their interests and preferences. Try to learn about their preferred romantic dates. Do they enjoy nature? Parks? Or maybe cooking a lovely dinner would be perfect. Get creative and think about activities or places that hold special meaning for both of you. It’s all about creating a memorable experience tailored to their likes and interests.

Explore fantasies and bring them to life

Remember when you and your partner used to tell each other about the things you imagined, like having kids, building a house, or owning a business, and you would try hard to give them that? It’s time to bring the fantasising back. Try to know your significant other’s fantasies and bring them to life for them. This not only strengthens the bond, but it also leaves them blushing and crushing on you all over again. It’s like falling in love again.


This is a vital role in every relationship. It not only strengthens the bond but also makes it unbreakable. A talking couple is a staying couple. Make yourself the type of person that your significant other enjoys and loves talking to. Listen to them even though you feel like what they’re saying is silly and irrelevant. It assures your partner that you’re always there for them to talk to whenever they need it.

Love notes

Remember those love notes, love letters and messages you used to send to your significant other. Remember how you used to think long and hard to craft love words and poems too? It’s time to bring it back. You’re a little rusty now and it’s fine. Cause you’re not going to write like that so much. Years have gone by, so there are a few things that have changed, such as children, business, and growth. So, the most practical way to do this is to use the little things that look insignificant and use it to praise your significant other.

Have a day for just the both of you

Yes! This is essential. Have a day that is just for you and your significant other. A day without the kids, family, work, business and friends. The day should start with you and your significant other having a plan of how to spend the day together.

Lovey-dovey moments here you come. Ha

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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