Lecturer And Student Romance In Nigeria


Okay, this is a really strong topic. This topic mostly sprouts conflict whenever discussed amongst peers, associates and friends, because it is viewed from different perspectives. Some people hate this relationship combo and reasons vary. For some, it could be because of favouritism, jealousy, or even because of the age difference.

This relationship combo is mostly received with negativity, prejudice, and hatred. But sometimes it’s also received with positivity, joy and excitement. This relationship isn’t necessarily bad but the circumstances make it difficult to be seen as pure and love-based.

Challenges a lecturer may face from dating a student:

Maintaining professionalism:

When a lecturer is in a relationship with a student it can be difficult to separate personal and academic lives. It’s important to maintain professionalism in the classroom and not let the relationship affect the academic performance of the other students. But on the other side of the situation, the student would want to enjoy an exemption which may not be given. Why would a person date someone who wouldn’t treat them differently from others?

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Power imbalances:

Dating a lecturer can create power dynamics that can be problematic. The lecturer holds a position of authority and influence over your academic journey, which can make it challenging to have an equal and balanced relationship.

Conflicts of interest:

There may be conflicts of interest that arise from the relationship. For example, the lecturer might have to make decisions about grading, evaluation, or opportunities that involve you, which can raise questions about fairness and bias.

Potential negative impacts on academic performance:

Dating a lecturer can be distracting and may impact the students’ focus on their studies.

Social repercussion:

Relationships between students and lecturers can sometimes lead to gossip and judgment from others.

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Professional reputation:

Both parties may face scrutiny and potential damage to their reputation if the relationship becomes known.

The student in question also faces challenges and if things are not taken with caution disastrous things may happen.

Dating a lecturer as a student can present several social challenges and some of these challenges include:

Perception of favouritism:

Other students may perceive that the student receives special treatment from the lecturer, which can lead to resentment and accusations of favouritism.

Gossip and judgement:

Relationships between students and lecturers often attract attention and can become a topic of gossip among peers. This can lead to judgment, speculation, and potential social repercussions.

Isolation from peers:

Being in a relationship with a lecturer may result in a sense of isolation from your peers. They may feel uncomfortable discussing certain topics or sharing their opinions freely around the students due to the power dynamics involved.

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Loss of privacy:

The relationship may become a topic of discussion among classmates and even faculty members (especially those with something in their heads). This can result in a loss of privacy and personal boundaries.

Impact on friendships:

Dating a lecturer can strain existing friendships, especially if the students’ friends feel uncomfortable or conflicted about the relationship.

Professional reputation:

The relationship can potentially impact the student’s professional reputation, both as a student and in future career.

At the end of the day what matters is the people involved in this relationship combo weighing the pros and cons of the relationship before starting one. It’s important to carefully consider the potential social challenges before pursuing a relationship with a lecturer. Open communication and seeking guidance from trusted individuals can help navigate these challenges. Happy dating!


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