Lagos has been bedeviled by constant traffic in recent past

The latest destination index is conducted and published by MasterCard, reports.

Johannesburg (4.3million people) and Capetown (1.6million) in South Africa came first and second respectively in the survey. While Cairo (1.35million) in Egypt came third with Lagos (1.33million) trailing behind in 4h place.

 Johannesburg retains its title as Africa’s most visited city for the second year in a row, the study showed..

The study ranks 132 cities worldwide in terms of international visitor arrivals and their spending.

Lagos is a major destination in Africa and beyond as the city is gradually assuming the status of a mega-city.

Recently, the governor of the state, Governor Babatunde Fashola explained why the continuous fall in crude oil price at the international market will not ground the Lagos State economy.

Gov. Fashola is reputed for changing the face of Lagos from a once chaotic city to an emerging mega city

Meanwhile, the sight of men, women and even young children risking their lives in various modes of transportation is  becoming a regular sight in Lagos and should be addressed once and for all.