Lady Gives Her Child Tramadol so She Can Go Party with Her Friends


An unnamed lady committed an abomination last night in Likomba, Tiko. Despite having a newborn baby of months old in hand, she wanted to go clubbing with friends.

The innocent child was the only thing standing in her way as she couldn’t take him to the club.

She decided to give him tra@madol so he can fall deep asleep. This way she can go party with her friends.

She gave her the tr@madol and locked the baby inside the house. She returned home this morning only to find out the baby died as a result of the hard drxg she gave him😢

Likomba inhabitants descended on her and got her well be@ten. Forces of law and order intervened and as of now the girl is under detention. The baby has been buried. May the soul of the innocent baby rest in peace.